• Sunday, June 7, 2020

Once in a while, we run promotions for our clients.

The prices you can use for the campaign:

CS-Cart - $305, discount $80
CS-Cart Ultimate - $785, discount $80
CS-Cart B2B - $1,960, discount $490
CS-Cart B2B & B2C - $3,800, discount $950
Multi-Vendor - $1,150, discount $300;
Multi-Vendor Plus - $2,775, discount $725
Multi-Vendor Ultimate - $6,000, discount $1,500

CS Cart Discount Codes here

This time we provide one more bonus for our clients who purchase Multi-Vendor, Multi-Vendor Plus, or the Multi-Vendor Ultimate licenses at a reduced price:
You get a Marketplace Performance Booster add-on free of charge.

Normally, the CS Cart Marketplace Performance Booster module costs $2,500 but right now our clients can get it as a gift if they purchase Multi-Vendor, Multi-Vendor Plus, or Multi-Vendor Ultimate licenses. The add-on package will be sent to our client when the license is purchased.